Tell us all about
your favorite
local exotica station.

Los Angeles:

Molotov Cocktail Hour on KXLU 88.9 FM
Tuesday Nights 11 pm - midnight
Your hosts Cyrano and the Latin Love Machine Senor Amor work the floor of the Mahi Mahi Room and bring it to you live

Surfwave on KXLU
Thursday nights 11 pm - midnight
Jim Dunfrund soul surfs the airwaves occasionally tossing on some Martin Denny or Don Ho to add internationality

Stray Pop on KXLU
Friday nights midnight - 3 am
Punk rock Queen Stella and baby Felix bring an Exotica sprinkling into their normally rock set. Past guests have included Korla Pandit, Eddie Vegas, and Lounge LA collaborator and registered mail champion Patrick Tierney.

San Francisco:

The station of the Stars was 960 AM KABL.They use to play listen all the classics from Sinatra to Prado. Morning interviews with the likes of Keely Smith, etc. But now it plays top 40 Adult Contemporary - truly awful stuff like James Taylor, Jim Croce, Anne Murrey. To protest this format change e-mail KABL at

Glasgow, Scotland:

Easy Now Sound on Subcity Radio 106.2 FM, Sunday nights from 4 - 6 pm


Boston is one of the nations best bets for dj action with Brother Cleve's live event and a regular radio show - "Jimmy's Easy" featuring the busier side of the classic and contemporary easy listening sound airs Saturday's on WMBR-FM, 88.1 in Cambridge at M.I.T with DJ Jimmy Botticelli spinning

Music for a Better Living on WBZC 90.3 FM, Wednesdays from 6 - 7 pm


"The Beyondo Mondo Record Party" radio show on Fridays 11-noon, Sunday nights 11-1 Eastern on WAPS, Akron (accessible via Real Audio at Styles cover surf, rockabilly, lounge/exotica, and sundry other cool and misfit musics, with accompanying visual ambience at the live shows