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Home Bar Review
Welcome to the Hula-La lounge! (the Honorable "Akymbo Kym-meha-meha" Presiding). This Tiki bar shown below was handmade with love by the fabulous "Fez-Force Five" in a spare bedroom in Akymbo's Palatial estate. Click on any photo to receive a 640x480 version. Lot's of details will be revealed to the discriminating eye of the avid Tiki Collector.....Enjoy!

The Tiki Bar Review Pages
This is your one stop source for Tiki bars around the world.

Sublimnal Sounds
Stefan Kery's Subliminal Sounds Tiki Room show, based in Stockholm, toured Sweden.

King Kini's Club Velvet
King Kini's Club Velvet is a virtual and REAL lounge in addition to a radio show. Clik Kini's face to delve into the dark recesses of this lounge.

The Perfect Mai Tai
Always in search for the perfect Mai Tai. You can view reviews by geographic listings or by rating. This site not only reviews by taste of the Mai Tai but by atmosphere as well.

The Calendar of Cacophony Events
These guys throw great "parties" sometimes including Tiki events

Wilds Scene
Tony Wilds offers lotsa artsy backgrounds and shots of his mug collection displayed in an amusing fashion

Tiki Publishing
uses Kon-Tiki logo to promote its online services

Viktrola's long-standing, now stagnant, Lounge is still a supreme source for Exotica and lounge history. After checking out The Temple of Denny search other Exotica tidbits.

Tiki Fest
The official Tiki Fest site for Burning Man. See photos of past events and read about future Burning Man Tiki events.

Tiki Action Heros
Non-violent action heros!?! The Neon Tiki Tribe is made up of four "teenage" tikis that come to life after a lightning storm strikes an enchanted forest near the Kennedy Space Center. "What is a TIKI? A Thoughtful, Intelligent, and Kind Individual. "...What?

Bamboo Room
The Bamboo Room offers reviews of music and mags.

Will the Thrill
Will the Thrill is shaking up the East Bay (aka Oakland, CA) with his beautiful companion Monica the Tiki Goddess. B-movies and other retro flix with class are offered up at the Parkway theatre along with beer and snacks. Will sports a different theme each month for his weekly show which includes him and the Tiki Goddess introducing the night with a Chairman of the Board meets Monte Hall game show/giveaway. Will also adds to his wit to the Parkway Theatre Newsletter so pick one up when you go there.

Beautiful and newly renovated site dedicated to Googie. Includes some fine Tiki eye candy.

Save The Enchanted Tiki Room email newsletter

Modern Houses
Want to buy a 50s/60s "Modern" house in the Seattle area or just check
out cool cool photos of them go to

Very stylish and well made Modern furnishings including custom tiki bars
(with Bosko mask accents) and "egg" chairs
You must have the FLASH 4 plugin to view this site

Artist Dave Burke

Tiki carver CC Rider and his wife create cool Tiki art
Check it out and buy it too

Custom Lights
Daniel Sadler makes custom lights. they rae a bit expensive but this Kahiki Moai style one is very cool

Repro Fabric from Yesteryear
Nice variety of fabrics to choose from.

Site is static. But there is pleanty of timeless information for those who are swank at heart.

L.A. store with Tiki Room.

Ted has made a cool page of living breathing Shag art to view via Flash.
Check out Shag's Hula Hut at:

Ted has also animated a links page at

See DJ the Now Sounds hand!
Photographer Julie Pavlowski

Route 66 Website
Tiki stickers.

'60s Cereals?!
Buy 60s era cereals and more

Jennifer's chatroom and link site for Tiki lovers to connect



Brother Cleve is part of a joint effort on a new bar in the Boston area.
Enjoy fine cocktails under the guidance of Cleve, fine dining, and of course the finest of audio morsels presented by live DJ's and bands from around the globe.

The Mai Kai
In Florida this is the BEST Tiki bar in the world. Check it out for yourself.

Trader Vics.com
Check up on what Trader Vic's chain is offering lately and what the flagship locale is doing in Emmeryville.

Hawaiian Hot Luau in Las Vegas
This is the only poolside Luau and Polynesian revue left in Vegas.

Big Foot Lodge

Politics and Tikis? Who knew!


Mr. Lucky
The original San Francisco Mr. Lucky. The Lounge Singer extra-ordinaire!

New surf band whose debut CD "World Domination on $3 a Day" soon to be released

The Three Suns
As Michael Toth says of his Three Suns site

It's my goal to have the cover, track listing, and liner notes of EVERY Three Suns release up there, but my initial goal is at least getting the sixty or so different Suns albums in my collection up there. :-)

Pollo Del Mar
See Otto in action with surf band Pollo Del Mar in a tribute to Herb Alpert

The Brimstones
cool devil graphics for this surf/hot rod band

Lucky LaRue
Swingster Lucky LaRue has a nice site full of pix w/one of our pals at Church of Frank

Observing Obscure Kulture
the OOK (Observing Obscure Kulture) site features the Persistance of Exotica article compares Robert Plant to a Tak Shindo bite

Saturn Records
Saturn Records store is a collector's haven in Oakland, CA

More online records
another source for vintage vinyl is World Wide Wax

Dustygroove offers webshopping for Now sound, Brasil, Acid Jazz, etc

Exotica/Et Cetera
Preston Peek puts out Exotica/Et Cetera which is an outstanding zine and a catalog of vintage Incredibly Strange vinyl Preston pioneered the genre which he calls a "zinelog"

Emperor Norton
New music from Lounge lovers Fantastic Plastic Machine, Arling & Cameron, Cornelius and some new reissues that'll knock you out!

Record Collector's Heaven
Don't ask me why, but my site Record Collector's Heaven was awarded BEST EXOTIC SITE 1998 by the makers of The Lounge Ring whatever that means? It's a site of discographies and archives of Martin Denny, Les Baxter, etc.

King of Hawaii
Seattle instrumental band King of Hawaii made a splash in San Francisco opening for Davie Allan, playing a Tiki News night with Jumbo Shrimp and Pollo del Mar, and opening for El Vez. Hear them here.

The Tiki Tones
The band that is the ultimate of Tiki-ness.

Combustible Edison
Although defunct, you can read all about them at this SUB POP page.

Stereo de Luxe
Stereo de Luxe is a Berlin dj who was in the forefront of the Euro lounge movement. View his fave lps at this small site.

Man or Astroman?
Man or Astroman? remain one of the more inventive instrumental bands in America today.

Surf Lounge
Joe Fleming runs Crazy Joe's virtual Surf Lounge which includes a wacky array of surf info including very comprehensive links page. Surflounge Cd is also available and is a nice addition to any pool/beach party. Also look closely at Joe's images, they are culled from various other sites. Can you name that artwork?

The Gentle People love Tiki

Scamp reissued Martin Denny's first 8 lps with original cover art and liners by Mr. Denny, we salute you.

Surf Links
more surf site links than you'd care to know existed

Yma Sumac
Thoroughly Obsessive site about Yma - this guy knows more about her than she knows about herself

Skip Heller
And now for the guy who could write a book about Yma, the guy who forged ahead of the Neo-Lounge pack only to depart onward into his solo career . . .

Johann Dada's Exotiquarium
Johann does a fantastic job of listing all relevant musical releases for the year on his site. Look at it as an encyclopedia of new Lounge/Exotica available. While he mostly concentrates on European stuff it seems to be pretty thorough in US AND bootleg releases too.

Chuck Kelley (music consultant behind the "Pulp Fiction" soundtrack) and The Millionaire (leader of mood music iconoclasts Combustible Edison) new project.


Mai Tiki
Wayne Coombs has been carving for over 25 years. His Tikis have appeared at Disneyworld and bootlegged versions were sold at Home Depot in Phoenix. How's that for credentials?

Aisle Tiki
Cool Tiki supplies for all your tiki needs!

Bosko is our favorite 3-D tiki artist to come out of the current Tiki resurgence. Buy his stuff now or forever kick yourself because all of his mugs and mask designs are limited editions!

Want a 20 foot Palm Tree?
Tropical Expressions 463 Princeton Ave Metaeconk, NJ 08724 732/899-1733

2036A N Dixie Hwy, Ft Lauderdale, FL, 33305 (954) 564-0059 / Fax (954) 564-7431 e-mail:info@safarithatch.com

Bone Productions.
The long awaited web site! Crazy Al kicks it in with a full gallery of his creations! He has mugs, cocktail glasses, candle holders, incense holders, hula girls, and more!! Send 2 clams to P.O. Box 553 Sunset Beach, Ca. 90742 for a catalog!

Tiki King.
Tiki King makes nifty tiki items! Tell yer friends! Send One Buck for a catalog to P.O. Box 345 Felton, Ca. 95018.

Tikis of Hawaii
Genuine Hawaiian Tikis and hand-carved Polynesain wooden sculptures.

Myriah's Polynesian Bizaar.
Myriah's Polynesian Bizaar offers a variety of Polynesian stuff for very reasonable prices! P.O. Box 1029 Royse City, TX 75189
Phone: 972-853-0621 Fax: 972-853-0905
Write away for a catalog today!


Outre Gallery
Martin McIntosh's gallery in Australia had a one-man show for SHAG and has released a book of new Tiki art with a foreword by Sven-Tiki

Mill and Short Gallery
features a Tiki on their latest exhibit poster

Trader Vic wisdom and free fonts collide to assist you in designing a good Tiki party.

No one has taken the hipster hotrod bull by the horns like Chris Cooper. His comic art-as- commercial high-art is applied to stickers, tattoo flash, zippos, and of course posters. The sites opening page has his "Kitten's n Kads" illustration showing space girls serving Tiki mugs to their master,

The fabulous artwork of Pop genius Shag is presented in living color for your pleasure.

Bosko is our favorite 3-D tiki artist to come out of the current Tiki resurgence. Buy his stuff now or forever kick yourself because all of his mugs and mask designs are limited editions!

House Industries
TN Typeface Sponsors House Industries. The only place to get real Tiki Type. House Industries are the purveyors of fine new retro designs including fonts, illustration, packaging, and now magazine design. Subscribe to their mag including the first issue which has a lengthy article by Sven and Otto and photos from Andy's extensive mug collection

Continental Graphics
Simon was part of the graphics team for Tiki News #12-14. Check out Simon's own site with great spy elements.

CoproNason Gallery
Not only do these guys do Tiki art shows they regularly exhibit von Franco, Robert Williams, Big Daddy Roth.

KBZed cooking
on the left navigation bar you will see 'Gastronomy' click that link and hey presto!!! interview with Gordon of KBZ or email direct to 2malc@postmaster.co.uk


Easy Listener Magazine
Modern Lounge design, new bands with audio, cool advertisers, and "pictures of naked people" can be yours at the Easy Listener Magazine site.

Pin-up Art
Normally we wouldn't send you to a Lindy Hop/Swing site but this one covers a bit more than that I'm sure you'll agree

MisterLUCKY fanzine
PO Box 78146, San Francisco, CA 94107

Tattoos, Bikers, Rods, and Rock. Lastest issue has MudHoney and Davie Allan 7".

All Spanish site on zines

Huge Magazine has a good feature on Tiki mugs too!!


Dawn Frasier.
Dawn Frasier is an artist based out of Seattle. She hand paints tiles, surf boards, and just about anything that she can paint tapa design on! Write her for more info. at Dawn Frasier 3804 Fremont Ave. NT Seattle, WA. 98103

Oceanic Arts.
Oceanic Arts are the world leaders in supplying Tropical/Polynesian decor, Movie and Theatre Props Rentals, Nautical Decor & Carved Wood Signs! They do not have a mailorder catalog just drop in to shop! Located at 12414 Whittier Blvd. Whittier, Ca. 90602 Phone: 310/698-6960 Fax:310/945-0868

David Krys, DSK DESIGN
Famous for the "ElViki Tiki". He also makes a "Flaming" Tiki Wall Sconce and "Mai Tiki Tai" table lamp. CAll (773)342-3213 or WRITE 1341 W. Fullerton #124, Chicago, IL 60614