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A bustling market place of over 40 Tiki traders will offer anything from tiny Tiki trinkets to fullsized lawn or patio idols. Find that rare Rosebud that you always coveted!

Break open those piggy banks as Tiki Oasis 6 is going to be a day of Tiki shopping that can only be described as pure BLISS!

Remember to bring cash-o-la as vendors will not be set-up for credit cards. We can not list WHAT everyone is selling but it pretty much covers ALL your needs from tiki bars, t-shirts, vintage clothing, barware, kids clothing, original artwork, tiki mugs, shoes, hand carved tikis, big tikis, small tikis... the list goes on!

Tiki News will offer the limited edition Tiki Oasis MunkTiki mug on Saturday, May 6th at 7 pm inside the show tent. Only attendees to the Saturday night show will be able to purchase the mug. Limited to two mugs per person. Only 100 are available.


Sponsors of Tiki Oasis include:

Vendors at Tiki Oasis 2006
Tiki News Magazine
Cult of the Eye
Derek Yaniger/ Mister Retro
BABY RAB - DJ Rabiola Designs & Caricatures
Tiki Broker
Falling Cocos
Happy Chi Jewelry
Kirby's Island & Polynesiac
Monolithic Graphics
Pango Tori
Pineapple Poet
San Diego Tiki Factory
Shag with a Twist
Smokin' Tikis
Swamp Fire Lounge
The Art Deck
Thermoview Ind-THV
Tiki Broker
Tiki Diablo/Bosko
Tiki Farm
Tiki Lee
Tiki Madness
Tiki Magazine, Polynesian Carvings
Tiki tOny
Treasure Kings/Vintage Buzz
Tropical Illusion Palapas
Zach Zachery
Ona Creates/Lava Productions
and more!!

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