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PLEASE NOTE: The evening showcase features acts that contain near-nudity and probably some 'explicit' language. Parents please use your own judgment in inviting those under 18. We are not responsible for acts that you find offensive.

Live Music Thursday, Friday, Saturday night and Sunday afternoon at Tiki Oasis 6:

James Dimmare (Las Vegas)
Featured on Saturday only!
The ONLY Tiki Magician, James Dimmare’s approach to Magic is not unlike his approach to life: totally involved, all consuming, and dedicated to perfection. Despite the ever-changing nature of popular entertainment, he has remained focused on achieving what some might consider impossible - entertainment that stands the test of time.

James' contributions to the craft have resulted in an international reputation and include such top honors as Stage Magician of the Year, presented by Hollywood’s famed Magic Castle, several European trophies, and in Las Vegas: the only two time recipient of the Siegfried and Roy "Lion Head" award!

"The Act" as James has sometimes called it, has taken him literally around the world. TV, theaters, and repeated tours of Europe, including a command performance for Prince Rainier of Monaco, are but a few of the results of his tireless efforts. When you add the soul of an artist to the talents of an entertainer, you create a potent theatrical force... James Dimmare!

Ape (SF)
Featured on both Friday and Saturday
Ape is the name of the band - Exotica is the name of their sound. This bunch of wildmen deliver original tunes and many old standards with an energetic new take on the genre. Headed up by Tiki carver/beachcomber Crazy Al on vocals and Tiki carving, San Francisco's Ape will have you swingin on a vine.

King Kukulele (LA)
Featured on both Friday and Saturday
This wild white man swings his Ukulele like a savage, but his comedy makes you wish you were on a desert isle ... which, of course, you are! We are proud to announce King Kukulele will be the MC for this years Tiki Oasis!

The Maikai Gents featuring Mauna Loa (NAPA)
Featured on Thursday and Saturday
In the lilting Hapa Haole music of the Maikai Gents we seem to glimpse the innocence of American 50s suburbia that is now paradise lost. Like gently lapping waves, perfect poolside entertainment: The Maikai Gents Featuring The Mysteroius Miss Mauna Loa .

The Martini Kings (LA)
Featured on Friday and during the day on Saturday
Vintage mood music by the undisputed Kings of Cool. The Martini Kings are the creative outlet of the Marsico brothers, with Frank on vibes and Tony on standup bass. This premiere cocktail trio will take you on a non-stop Swingomatic trip through loungeville and back! They return to Tiki Oasis to debut tunes from their sixth CD, Tikis and Bikinis.

The Sand Devils, San Diego, CA
Formed in 2004, after Ran Mosessco, formerly of Israel's only surf band "The Astroglides", relocated to the U.S. Ran draws influences from traditional high energy surf music, Middle Eastern music, exotica, spy, spaghetti western, and punk. Besides his love for traditional surf and exotica music Hans Kohls (guitar) brings a little Psychedelic influence to the mix (being a fan of the Mermen, Pollo Del Mar and The Surf Kings). John Stoup (drums) and Jack Haka (bass) provide the rythym. The band is currently planning on recording a debut album in the summer of 2006.

DJ Phast Phreddie (Brooklyn)
Featured throughout the weekend
If you have ever caught Phreddie's Boogaloo Omnibus then you know how he can drive you to the dance floor and keep your feet movin when he spins those vintage 45s.

Ginger Goldmine (L.A.)
Featured on Saturday only
Performing throughout California and in the Big Apple this blazing beauty will entrance you with her exotic moves. A favorite at Tiki Oasis, this sultry minx has been known to leave them fainting in the aisles. One thing is for sure: Ginger Goldmine really knows how to hypnotise her audience, leaving them helpless, and begging for just one more dance!

Vivienne VaVoom (Denver)
Featured on Friday only
Born and raised in Denver, Colorado, Michelle Baldwin has made it her mission to bring burlesque back to her hometown and to the world at large. She dreams of a world where the tease is brought back to striptease, where it's all about how you take it all off, and where a strip show really is a show.

Burlesque As It Was, (one of the first 'neo-burlesque' troupes) and Baldwin, a.k.a. Vivienne VaVoom, have helped to bring the lost art of burlesque back to the forefront of pop culture. Formed in 1998, Ms. Baldwin has served as the creative director, choreographer, music director, costumer, financial head and performer for her troupe, providing her with a rare view into the growth and evolution of the revival. She has also sat on a panel of experts at the Tease-O-Rama burlesque convention, taught the art of burlesque striptease and burlesque costume design, and was featured in the 2000 A&E; cable documentary, "It's Burlesque". She is also the author of Burlesque and the New Bump and Grind from Speck Press.

MiMi Le Meaux (San Diego)
Featured on Friday only
MiMi Le Meaux, Burlesque Pin-up Sensation, formed Dames In Dis'Dress as one of the premier troupes of the Burlesque comeback in 1995. Her blonde bombshell looks have graced stages from London to Los Angeles. Always inventive with her custom-made, lavish costumes and original choreography, she delights the audience with her traditional burlesque style--adding a twist of villianesque!

Forever championing the art of Burlesque, MiMi has drawn attention from media big guns such as CBS, HBO, and AMC, enabling the public to once again fall in love with this historic act of sensual art. Mimi recently graced the cover of Varla magazine, a publication whose mission is to highlight beautiful women and music in equal measures.

Shag with a Twist
Featured on Saturday only
Shag characters come to life and live to sing about it! We are excited to showcase a preview of songs from this award-winning musical.

Live DJs from around the country will serve the finest exotic delicacies from vintage vinyl, and the jungle sounds of EXOTICA!

DJ's for the weekend include:
California Kid (OR)
DJ Jack Hughes (Los Angeles)
Phast Phreddie the Boogaloo Omnibus (Brooklyn)
Patrick Robinson (Denver)
Lee Joseph (LA)

Friday night is happenin at:
Bali Hai restaurant on Shelter Island
2230 Shelter Island Drive * San Diego, CA 92106

Everything else is at the Red Lion Hanalei Hotel
2270 Hotel Circle North * San Diego, CA 92108

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