Tiki Art Now and Tiki Art Two!
Curated by Otto von Stroheim of Tiki News Magazine

On September 17, 2004 The Shooting Gallery & Tiki News unveiled 'Tiki Art Now!' - an exhibit of over 60 well-known and upcoming Tiki artists from around the globe. Based on its longstanding history and mass appeal Tiki Style can now be recognized as an American Folk Art movement. This exhibit showed some of today's most exciting American artists plus highlighted international artists working in the Tiki Style. We were proud to showcase artists that in history will be acknowledged as some of the preeminent Tiki artists of our time.

This stunning display of neo-primitve images is captured in a 90 page full color catalog co-published by Last Gasp. The catalog features an introduction by the king of Lowbrow art, founder of Juxtapoz magazine Robert Williams, and foreword by Otto von Stroheim, publisher of Tiki News.

Tiki Art Now features artists from across the US as well as from Australia, Canada, Germany, Japan and Mexico. Some of the artists include: Shag, Marco Almera, Bosko, Sunny Buick, Dave Burke, Kalynn Campbell, Dirty Donny, Crazy Al Evans, Richie Fahey, Rod Filbrandt, Mary Fleener, Bruce Gossett, Christine Karas, Joe Leonard, Sharon Leong, Mr. Lucky, Munktiki, Mitch O'Connell, Lisa Petrucci, The Pizz, Isabel Samaras, Von Franco, and more

On September 16, 2005 The Shooting Gallery & Tiki News unveiled "Tiki Art Two " - new work from the top artist in the Tiki art scene and artists who have been uniquely inspired to create Tiki related work .

Another ground breaking exhibit of new Tiki art featuring: Shag, Isabel Samara, Bosko, Dave Burke, Niagara, Miles Thompson, and more. The show included new paintings by fourteen artists, new ceramics by Munktiki, and stunning immersible environment installations by Crazy Al Evans and Tiki tOny.

In addition to the exhibit the art was presented in a 116 page full color catalog. Published by 9mm Books, the catalog features an introduction by world famous artist, curator and art writer Jeffrey Vallance and foreword by Tikimiester Otto von Stroheim.

Tiki Art Three will be held at the newly expanded Roq La Rue gallery in Seattle in September of 2006. Stay tuned for announcement about the gala opening night party with live music from Lushy from Dionysus Records and free flowing rum from VooDoo Rum

** Tiki Art Now and Tiki Art Two** catalog books are now in stock at: The Shooting Gallery or from Last Gasp

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