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[Tikievents] Tiki Oasis, Hukilau, The Blue Hawaiians,and Munktiki mug

What do these four things have in common?!

This is a save-the-date announcement for the seventh annual Tiki Oasis
Tiki Oasis 'Hawaii Au Go Go' will be August 16 - 19, 2007

Due to hotel availability in the summer months (when San Diego has warmer weather) we are proud to announce that our 7th Tiki Oasis will be the August 16-19 weekend at the Hanalei Hotel in San Diego!

Please do not contact the hotel at this time. All booking will go through Tiki Oasis (www.tikioasis.com) and booking will be available after Sept 15, 2006. We will send a separate email announcing the exact time and date that booking will begin.

As a result of months of brainstorming between The Hukilau and Tiki Oasis, we are delighted to announce both events will be moving to a new season in 2007! We believe the change to seasons with more desirable weather patterns, on both coasts, will enhance the experience for tikiphiles everywhere. As it stands now, Tiki Oasis 7 is scheduled for August 16-19 and The Hukilau will be scheduled in the spring - date to be announced. (www.thehukilau.com)

Hukilau has added two top notch acts that are rarely seen outside of their hometowns and are hitting the East Coast for the first time - Clouseaux from Houston and Hula Punk from Germany
Check out the full lineup on www.thehukilau.com

Tiki News is proud to announce The Blue Hawaiians are onboard to headline next year's Tiki Oasis! It will be their first gig in San Diego in quite some time and their first major public headlining gig outside of LA for several years. In conjunction with Tiki Oasis they will also be releasing a new CD so we are excited to let you know that Tiki Oasis 7 will be The Blue Hawaiians record release party!

I am happy to announce that two problems from this year's Oasis have been solved for next year:

1. Room parties - There will not be a problem hosting room parties next year because Tiki Oasis has rented out the ENTIRE hotel. If your neighbors complain then invite them to the party or pay them off with Tikis!!

2. Munktiki mug - In 2006 there was way more demand for the mug than we had anticipated. Next year mugs will be available to all hotel guests for a limited time on a pre-booked basis thereby guaranteeing that anyone who buys their tickets early for the event will have the chance to purchase a mug. The mug will still be limited and numbered but the total run will be determined by who purchases a mug (please note: a small number of mugs will be available at the event).

Expect the same amazing live entertainment, vendors, quality venue, good will and more at Tiki Oasis 2007. Again booking will be available after Sept 15, 2006. We look forward to seeing you there!

Otto and the von Stroheim Family

Otto von Stroheim