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[Tikievents] Bamboo Ben family booksigning/book release

Bamboo Ben, in Huntington Beach, California, will be hosting a historical book signing with all three surviving daughters of Eli Hedley on Sunday August 27th.

Once coined "The Original Beachcomber" by the Wall Street Journal, Eli Hedley was an essential figure in the mainland's early passion for Polynesia and the escapism-styled decor the movement offered.

Among the books included is an Eli Hedley Beachcomer 1943 Catalog Reprint which is filled with historical photos of Eli's work. The catalog focuses on creations designed and created through the Hedley family's beachcombing efforts and a peek at Eli's tiki carvings that eventually were sought nationwide.

Copyright 1957, How Daddy Became A Beachcomber, written by Marilyn Hedley and illustrated by the late Flo Ann Hedley, has been re-released. The story is an enchanting tale of the family's early years living on the sands of White Point Beach in San Pedro, California. The author, Marilyn, was a mere nineteen.

A newly published book, A View From The Top Of The Mast, is an autobiography written by Bungy Hedley about her nostalgic adventures sailing throughout the South Pacific.

Bamboo Ben is located at 712 Yorktown Avenue in Huntington Beach, California. The book signing event will begin at 12:00 on Sunday, August 27th. Complimentary refreshments will be served.
Aloha and Mahalo.


Otto von Stroheim