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[Tikievents] Tiki in print this month, Phast Phreddie in London

There is a new magazine out and all of you will want to get it!


originally started in the late 80s as Dumb Angel Gazette, a fanzine tribute to Brian Wilson and the Smile album, by Domenic Priore. It is now resurrected (thanks to Brian Chidester with Domenic onboard) as a tribute to all things Mid-60s, with any sort of tie to the Beach Boys.
It is jam packed with full color page layouts featuring in depth, interesting articles about architecture, Surf music, Exotica music, even a spread titled Tiki Tease!
In an unusual twist the magazine offers tons of eye-candy imagery as well as intellectual information
Some contributors include, Shag, Otto von Stroheim, and Harvey Kubernik to name a few



And if you live in San Francisco or the East Bay
Check out the current issue of THE East Bay MONTHLY

for a Tiki article including Otto and Monica Tiki Goddess


Tiki Oasis 6 guest DJ and resident Boogaloo-er on the Brooklyn scene
Phat Phreddie is goin overseas
Saturday August 13th: Phast DJ-ing at South London Pacific, in London.

after a UK tour he'll be back in town in wilmington for the Hot Rod Hoedown


for more info on Phreddie gigs email

Tiki News is the original print magazine covering all things Tiki

Otto von Stroheim
743 Haight Avenue
Alameda, CA 94501

Tiki News
2215-R Market Street #177
San Francisco, CA 94114