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[Tikievents] George Nakashima, RIP

I received this news last week from Nancy from Chicago who had set up the Chin's event

>George Nakashima died on wednesday August 4th. The memorial service
>was this morning at the Harry J. Will Funeral Home in Livonia, MI.
>My husband and I attended along with his many family members and
>friends. The family set up many tributes to Mr. Nakashima covering
>his many years as a designer of Polynesian restaurants. There were
>pictures, postcards, menus, mugs etc., lovingly on display from the
>many restaurants he has worked on. He was in very good health the
>last time I saw him at the Livonia Chin's Art Show in July. He was
>very happy to be apart of the event and was very much looking
>forward to attending Hukilau in September. I understand that his
>death was the result of a accident. He was getting up and felt
>alittle faint and fell backwards hitting his head. His death was a
>result of the blow to his head.
>Here is the summary of his career that was on display at his memorial:
>"George Nakashima (beloved father) highly acclaimed interior
>designer of polynesian and asian restaurants. He was born March 28,
>1924 in Los Angeles, CA. He received a degree in architecture,
>served in the US military during WW2, designed restaurants around
>Beverly Hills, CA and came to Detroit around 1963 to work on the
>Mauna Loa polynesian restaurant on W. Grand Blvd. by the Fisher
>Theatre where he meet Helen Fujiwara working at the Chin Tiki
>restaurant. Some of his othe works include restaurnats in Honolulu,
>Los Angeles, Kon Tiki Ports in Chicago and in Detroit area, the
>Kyoto Steakhouses, Wing Hong's Tokyo Japanese Steak hous, Cafe
>Sushi, Cherry Blossom, and in Ft. Lauderdale, Fl Little Sorrentos
>and the world famous Mai Kai polynesian restaurant. He spent the
>last 40 years in the Detroit area with Helen and her 5 children, 11
>grand children and 9 great grand children. His surviving children:
>Julie, Ken. He was 80 years old."
>I are very sorry to let you know about this sad news.

News of the funeral from Hukilau producers Tim & Christine

We are very sad to say that George Nakashima, architect of the Mai Kai
renovations in the 1960's and many other Polynesian palaces throughout
the US died last Wednesday at the age of 80. He was in good health and
it was an unfortunate accident.
His services had many items from the Polynesian and Asian restaurants
he designed over the years. The "Book of Tiki" was opened to the Mai
Kai section. He had a large family.
We were all hoping to meet him, see his portfolio and hear the stories
from his wonderful history. We hope to still have some of his drawings
to show at the event.

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